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Cats From The Past

Below are pictures of cats I have bred or owned in the past who are no longer with us.

Bellis Amberleigh - Chocolate point Siamese. She sadly died aged 2 years of pneumonia on 19th Decmber 2006. She will be very much missed. She does leave her daughter, Bellis Dazzle, with me to continue her line.



Bellis Millennium Star - Blue point Siamese. Sadly died too young, just 1 year old.


Bellis Iola, seal point, with daughters Bellis Della and Bellis Amberleigh, chocolate points, who stayed to continue the Bellis line. Iola was put to sleep aged 11 to save further suffering from mammary tumours.



Lamarisa Palu Tailltu, Oriental Black, who was my shadow for 16 wonderful years. She started a dynasty which is still going strong and all my current cats are descended from this wonderful character. She was very, very special. (1993-2010)



Bellis Pippistrelle. Sadly now joins this list. She was Palu's daughter and mother to Bellis Iola, therefore grandmother to Bellis Della seen with her in the above picture. She was a very sweet and endearing character. She was lively to the end. (1995-2012)


Bellis Della. She too joins the list of beloved cats no longer here. She was daughter of Bellis Iola and mother to Champion Bellis Copper who is still here, but now retired, and Bellis Damona, see below. (2004-2014)


Bellis Damona sadly also joins this list. She was a quiet, undemanding sweetie and will leave a large whole in the family. She was the daughter of Bellis Della above. Her daughter Bells Tawny is still here - the last of this line. (2006-2015) 



Champion Bellis Dazzle also joins this list. She was a very, very special cat to me and I miss her greatly. She was a sweet and loving girl, full of character and a wonderful mum to her babies, and other babies too. Her daughter Champion Bellis Springtime carried on her line. (2006 - 2015)

Champion Bellis Springtime has gone far too soon. She died suddenly, leaving another huge gap in the household. She was a quiet girl and an unbelievable mother. Her daughter Champion Bellis Summertime now carries the responsibility of maintaining this wonderful line of tabby points. (2011 - 2017)


Champion Bellis Copper (Havana)

Seen here with her last kitten, Bellis Fudge. She is the daughter of Bellis Della, She lived with Alan where she was company for Bellis Cassius. Sadly she is no longer with us, neither is Cassius




Rescued Cats

Whiskers - Oriental Tortie - rescued after been turned out to fend for herself. She lived here for many years to be approximately 13 years old.


Tippy - rescued as a very poorly kitten but lived to be 17 years of age


Blackman, Chummy, Dindy, Sweetie and Tufty - whole litter rescued from a farm. Now all gone, but not forgotten.