Bellis Siamese

Audlem, Cheshire
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Photo Gallery

Here are photos of Bellis cats and kittens in their new homes, sent to me by their new owners.

Bellis Oscar with his owner Sophie.
Sophie also owns Bellis Chip and Bellis Champ


Bellis Beau (now called Spider) with his Birman companion. His owner Nisha sent me this photo





Bellis Taichi & Bellis Yukito (Tai & Yuki) aged 7 months.


Tai & Yuki still best of friends, now aged 18 months
Photos by owner Sue

Bellis Melia with her companion Luci.
Photo sent by her owner Carol

Bellis Bandit (known as Monty), relaxing and looking very handsome in November 2009.
Sadly Monty lost his battle with illness in March 2010. He is very much missed by owner Elaine.
Photo sent by Elaine


Bellis Leila in her new home. Photo sent by Lisa


Bellis Willow with her best friend. Photo sent by Janice

Bellis Warrior


Bellis Bruin
Bruin & Warrior's photos sent by the Theobald family

Bellis The Hillbilly Cat, now known as Jasper


Bellis Man In Black, now known as Jacob
These two boys looking very much at home with new owners David & Helen who sent these lovely photos

Bellis Kai.  Photo sent by Mick & Christine

Bellis Amber with her new best friend Pablo. Photo sent by Jackie and Dave


Bellis Tierney (now known as Marley) relaxing on his favourite cushion very soon after joining new owners Jan and Hayley, who sent this photo

Bellis Duncan and Bellis Coffee, now known as Bramwell and Molly. Photo sent by Alexis and Lily