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Not Cats But Horses

Sadly, I am having to report more and more of the following horses have now gone. But every one of them is still remembered with great affection. The latest to join the list is my special girl - Italian Secret.

Italian Secret
1981 - 2013

Thoroughbred - won 2 sprint races before she came to me. Sadly has been put down due to deteriorating arthritis of her knee. She was a very, very special horse, a pleasure to own. We had 26 treasured years together.
RIP old girl 

Little Barney

Thoroughbred - never raced. Born 1987, so 32 years old. A bit wayward at times and responsible for my broken leg! 


Thoroughbred - home-bred for racing, but never left home! A bit quirky like his mum, Tell Me No More, but a handsome boy. Still going strong at 25 years of age, a big baby at heart.


The Boy
1987 - 1998

The love of Alan's life, left a large hole when he died at the early age of 11. He was home-bred and destined for a sprint career on the racecourse but an accident as a foal damaged his stifle which prevented that career and finally ended his life. He was a handsome, unique character, and his cruising speed was phenomenal.


1966 - 1996

A very special mare who lived with me for 23 years and had 5 foals. She lived to be 30 years old. We had a lot of fun together. She was a true cob, but breeding unknown.


Florries Fancy

My first Thoroughbred who had a huge jump, as seen here (the fence was the blue and white rails, so you can see the height she was giving it). She went back to her breeders where she had a few foals for them, including winners on the flat.



My second horse, a very honest and uncomplicated mare. She was a TB/Welsh Cob cross. She had one habit which was a bit annoying - she would regularly jump out of her field if the grass was greener on the other side.


The Boy & Just Tamara
(mother & son)

The Boy was Just Tamara's first foal. She ran 3 times on the flat, but a knee injury ended her promising career. She was loaned to a breeder for a few years, where she had 3 foals for him. She came back home where she stayed until she died aged 24.

Tango & Twins

Christine's mare. She was a TB/Irish Draught cross. Her foals had varied careers including showing, showjumping, working hunter and one police horse. Of the twins above the chestnut colt did not survive, but the bay filly did and went on to have several foals for her new owner.

Colony Yvonne with Taintree Dolly

Colony Yvonne was a Suffolk Punch. She was a gentle character and lived to be 24 years old. Seen here with Taintree Dolly who was a twin, her brother died at birth. Dolly died young as a result of problems associated with being a twin.


RIP                          Taintree Dolly 2001 - 2006