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My name is Gloria Rathbone and I have been breeding Siamese cats since 1975. I breed mainly seal, blue and tabby points. 

The Bellis Siamese are 'Cheshire Cats' as we live in the South Cheshire countryside. They are mainly indoor cats but are allowed out of doors under supervision. They don't go far from the house. If the weather is cold or wet they prefer to stay indoors, but in summer they enjoy sunbathing on the roof, in the garden, or on the roof of my car - see picture above. However they are always supervised and never go out at night.

My prefix 'Bellis' is the Latin name for the daisy. When I started breeding, my cats were lilac points, and their colouring reminded me of the daisy: white with pink tipped edges. Hence the prefix!

Use the buttons to view the breeding queens, kittens available, the older generation and cats I have bred or owned in the past.

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